BEING A MOTHER……………………..

Being a Mother every Woman dreams,
And when the joy is ushered, its joy beyond gleams.

The punches and kicks in the tummy.
Will always remind to munch something yummy.

The eagerness to see the baby is joyful,
The wait is always pleasureful.

When the day finally arrived,
Its blissfulness derived.

The pain becomes fragile,
And happiness multiplies agile.

The pricks and vaccines; bathing and viral,
Sleepless nights and lullabies always come in spiral.

The little munchkin always takes us to the awe,
And shutterbugs are always at the thaw.

Every milestone achieved is a feather in the cap,
And pride for the mother to rap.

From eating time to play time; and play time to television time,
Amidst, this hide and seek with time, ME time is a chime.

From hyperactive toddler to a naughty preschooler,
Days pass with the blink and wink in the stroller.

Seeing the child grow and smile is fulfilling,
All compromises and anxieties are worth living.

Being a mother is living a dream!
Here love is always, the ever flowing stream.

Archana Mulgund Chappar

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