Missing my Hometown and its beautiful rainy season.

With raincoats and umbrella as accompanists,
Crossing through the by lanes and streets,
Hopping through the muddy puddles and guarding ourselves from vehicle splashes,
The rainy season was fun in its own way!

The gloomy weather, and drowsy faces,
Colorfully thermaled physiques,
Just craved for hot snacks and coffee,
The rainy season was unique in its own ways !

The pitter, patter, the rustling leaves,
Falling of twigs, sometimes uprooting of trees,
Power cuts, frantically calling the Electricity department,
The rainy season was an adventure in its own ways !

Lame excuses to stay home,
And then snuggle in warm blanket whole day,
With a book and coffee,
The rainy season was a luxury in its own ways!

Then sudden trip with friends,
In the drizzle, and the floating clouds,
The water falls, the ghats, and valleys,
The rainy season was beautiful in its own ways !

From a far off land, this rainy season,
I am reminded of my hometown,
Were the rainy season is different in its own ways!
Missing my hometown, and its beautiful rainy season.

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