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book final

Books are the best friends,
Words play the magic and wend us, with different blends,
Full of emotion, motivation; heroism and humour,
They add up, light up, tickle us and keeps us in the boomer.

Every new volume is a fresh breeze,
Which does not permit even to sneeze,
It keeps us glued to the chair,
For all of us who say, reading is their flair.

Reading soothes and relaxes the nerves,
From Knowledge to Entertainment, all purposes it serves,
This journey which stated as a child, while playing in the curves,
The love continues to grow in all turves.

Archana Mulgund Chappar



















Childhood is such fun,
When everything is on a  run.
Worries are no more,
And fun is always at roar.
Days are scheduled by others,
And nothing really bothers.
Life stretches around the bubbles,
And there are no traces of rubbles..
Getting pampered is a daily routine,
Spanks add up to the regular protein.
Study time is so cumbersome,
Excuses come just wonder some.
Every act is judged innocently,
And everything is done complacently.
Being a child is envy to all,
As there is literally nothing to take a call.
Archana Mulgund Chappar. 


BEING A MOTHER……………………..

Being a Mother every Woman dreams,
And when the joy is ushered, its joy beyond gleams.

The punches and kicks in the tummy.
Will always remind to munch something yummy.

The eagerness to see the baby is joyful,
The wait is always pleasureful.

When the day finally arrived,
Its blissfulness derived.

The pain becomes fragile,
And happiness multiplies agile.

The pricks and vaccines; bathing and viral,
Sleepless nights and lullabies always come in spiral.

The little munchkin always takes us to the awe,
And shutterbugs are always at the thaw.

Every milestone achieved is a feather in the cap,
And pride for the mother to rap.

From eating time to play time; and play time to television time,
Amidst, this hide and seek with time, ME time is a chime.

From hyperactive toddler to a naughty preschooler,
Days pass with the blink and wink in the stroller.

Seeing the child grow and smile is fulfilling,
All compromises and anxieties are worth living.

Being a mother is living a dream!
Here love is always, the ever flowing stream.

Archana Mulgund Chappar




In my dreams, I thought of you,
And this no one knew.
I kept you close to my heart,
Protected you with all art.
Dreams kept growing, time kept passing,
Desire to have you always kept bracing.
When the secret was broken,
You took me as a token.
I felt like a princess, whose love was true,
But, you always failed to prove.
To have you, was like living a dream,
But betrayal was in the cream.
Without you, i would have swayed,
Having you, i felt like frayed.
I felt like your extension,
But for you, i was coming to extinction.
The gem was lost, dreams were twistered,
Vows were broken, And a life long scar whispered. 

Archana Mulgund Chappar

From Student to A Teacher

From Student to A Teacher

Teacher, Oh dear Teacher,

You, were my true motivator.

When, I was in dark,

You took me towards the spark.

When, all was turning nightmare,

You counseled me with fair.

When, I was about to scatter,

You appraised me with full blatter.

You are always my motivation factor,

Whose opinions to me always matter.

Blessed was I, to find a teacher like you,

Who took pride, whenever I came up with something new.

Days have passed, years have rolled,

In me your thoughts and values are souled.

This note comes with great respect,

To thank and salutate being the main aspect.






Teachers Day

What is being a Teacher?

Being a teacher is always a bag full of mixed emotions. The unconditional love that we receive from the students cannot be substituted. It ushers a sense of fulfillment and fills our heart with joy. After years of teaching, still the student remembers you, and will call you with pride “:That’s my teacher” A feeling of belongingness prevails even after being apart for so many years. We always brim with pride when we see our students successful and achieve greater heights. A sense of satisfaction and happiness fills us which is immeasurable.

.“Teaching is leaving a vestige of oneself in the development of another. And surely the student is a bank where you can deposit your most precious treasures” –Eugene Bertin

 As a teacher when we rewind our pages, we come across many students who have filled us with pride, loved us unconditionally and stole our hearts with their naughtiness and few who became our nightmares and selected being the twinkle of our eyes.

Who makes a teacher? It’s a student who makes a teacher.

Being a teacher is always the best thing. Some choose it by choice and some by chance. Whatever, maybe the case. Teaching profession is highly respected profession. It is the mother of all the professions.

Teachers are knowledge givers and knowledge seekers.  They disseminate knowledge, discipline and culture their students with the necessary life skills and shape them into confident individuals. The teacher and student relationship is a ever growing and never ending relationship of caring, sharing and respect.

Kabir das, a poet in the 15th century, wrote in one of his dohas

“Guru Govind dou khade, kaake lagoon paye 

Balihari guru aapki, Govind diyo milaye” Meaning

“Guru and God both appeared before me. Whom should I bow to first? I bow to my guru for it is he who introduced me to god”

September 5th is celebrated as Teachers day, as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by the teachers to the society,. It is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was a staunch believer of Education, Scholar, President of India and above all a teacher.

Salutations to Teachers.


Archana Mulgund