Welcome 2021

From a normal start of 2020,
And just a few Corona glimpses,
Within weeks the scenario changed,
From shutting of schools, work from home, no maids..
Ufff ! Lockdown stepped in !!
A new secluded life,,,,,
A new way of life had begun,
Less of handshakes, more of namaskaras, The social distancing had set in!
Difficult it was,yet we breezed it off well…
With corona cases increasing, sanitisers, masks had become our new accompanists,
Kadhas, turmeric milk, and grandmas recipes started trending in,
Loss of jobs, misery of migrating workers, huge business losses, the gloomy saga continued,
Slowly, unlock process began,
Boosting the economy was on minds,
The new normal began,,,
Mushrooming online classes for anything and everything,
Zoom, google meet, MS teams, became the new lingos,
Online schooling, exams, assignments broke off the traditional schooling norms,
From distress to de-stress became the mantra,
Hope for a vaccine kept everybodys fingers crossed.
The Solar and lunar eclipses,
Rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn kept the astro enthusiasts glued to sky,
The news channels kept roaring day in and out,
The corona ball is still rolling,
Now a new mutated Corona has emerged from somewhere,
Certainly it feels sombre,
Yet optimistim craves in like always,
Now, on the end of 2020,
We set to welcome 2021,
With renewed hopes, dreams and aspirations,
While keeping in mind social distancing and all the safety norms.



Archana Kishan

Missing my Hometown and its beautiful rainy season.

With raincoats and umbrella as accompanists,
Crossing through the by lanes and streets,
Hopping through the muddy puddles and guarding ourselves from vehicle splashes,
The rainy season was fun in its own way!

The gloomy weather, and drowsy faces,
Colorfully thermaled physiques,
Just craved for hot snacks and coffee,
The rainy season was unique in its own ways !

The pitter, patter, the rustling leaves,
Falling of twigs, sometimes uprooting of trees,
Power cuts, frantically calling the Electricity department,
The rainy season was an adventure in its own ways !

Lame excuses to stay home,
And then snuggle in warm blanket whole day,
With a book and coffee,
The rainy season was a luxury in its own ways!

Then sudden trip with friends,
In the drizzle, and the floating clouds,
The water falls, the ghats, and valleys,
The rainy season was beautiful in its own ways !

From a far off land, this rainy season,
I am reminded of my hometown,
Were the rainy season is different in its own ways!
Missing my hometown, and its beautiful rainy season.

Mothers house indeed is heaven

I kept tossing and turning in the bed, I wasn’t getting a wink of sleep. I was all excited and elated. My thoughts ran faster than my imagination. I made numerous plans and to-do lists, though they seemed half-baked ideas, yet, I was happy making castles in the air.
After 5 long months, I will be visiting my moms house and going to stay there for a month. The next morning we were to drive 500 kilometers as my native was that far. Of course Kaustub my darling husband will be behind the wheel,

I woke up just before the alarm did its duty. Mind was filled with euphoria.
Finally, I will be meeting my parents, siblings and my pet. With my siblings I would do the much-needed gossiping, hang out aimlessly and binge watch our favorite Netflix series. Yes, surely shopping will be criteria and enjoying the local chaats too. I am going to curl up in my cozy bed and enjoy my green tea . Bonanza will be lip smacking delicacies prepared by my dearest mom. Let dieting go to bay I say. A long drive on my brothers Royal Enfield will surely be a royal experience. I and my mom would prepare pickle and pappad batches for the entire year. I ensure everybody relish on my bakes, cookies, waffles, cakes, muffins and an entire list.
Morning and evening walks with my pet Simba and practicing yoga with my father will bring back my childhood memories. It was 5.15 early morning, I was sitting in my own dream world

Kusu, Kusu, Kusum my husband broke my reverie.
“ Freshen up Kusu,” we have to start in another hour said Kaustub my hubby.
“Yes, Kaustub I would freshen up, and be back in a jiffy.”
After pranamas to my in laws I bid adieu to them.
And our Maruti Breeza winded up the highway for a long drive precisely towards my Mayka. OK now let me tune in to our favorite songs, and enjoy the pleasant morning drive with Kaustub, before he sulks with my hostile behavior and cancel my one-month vacation to my Mothers Place.

Lavina,Ira and their beautiful journey !

She looked dapper in her, tracksuit and Nike shoes. Her wrinkles and gray hair strands were showing up. She smiled at herself, her confidence was contagious.
Meet Lavina who was in her late forties, and stayed in a plush housing society at Bengaluru.
A single mother of Ira and the founder of a music school, a philanthropist and a socialite. She was a perfect example of “make lemonade when life throws lemons at you.”
She had struck the perfect recipe of success. But it wasn’t an easy path either.
Lavina lost her husband when Ira was barely 3 years old. He left them with little savings, and some property.
Grief struck Lavina passed countless sleepless nights crying and cursing her fate  Asking God why her?.  After all she had lost her partner, soul mate and a friend whom she had dated for 8 long years. They had weaved numerous dreams together. And all were shattered in a moment. Lavina’s life froze, but the days were passing. Her parents stood as a strong support to Lavina and Ira..
On one such days, Ira went and hugged her mother. Wiping her mothers tears away, she said, ” I love you mamma, I will never leave you and go like dad.”
Little Ira was barely 3 years old, unable to grasp the exact situation, but she knew something is not right. As Lavina never played with her like before, nor read stories. Lavina hugged Ira, and cried unstoppable. It was then she promised herself. She would be living her life for Ira.
Lavina had to pick up the pieces and move ahead. The question of what next started bothering her. Her dad suggested why can’t she start music classes, as she was trained in carnatic music. She was hesitant at first but, it seemed doable to her. She spread a word to her friends and neighbors. Many around her knew, she was an amazing singer. And welcomed this new development and enrolled their kids.
Slowly and steadily, through word of mouth news spread, and her classes started doing really well. Admissions started pouring in, and she was busy all the time. With more students her income was steady enough now. On the other hand Ira was growing up into a beautiful and responsible girl with good mannerisms and culture.
It was Ira’s 12th birthday and tada Lavina handed an envelope to Ira. And when she opened it, Ira couldn’t believe her eye. She kept dancing with joy, “Mamma two air tickets to Dubai, is it real.”
“Yes, baby” replied Lavina.
It was indeed an emotional moment for them. As Ira had seen Lavina work day in and out to get these luxuries for them.
Dubai trip came as a perfect getaway for Lavina and Ira to unwind.
They prepared an immaculate five-day itinerary and executed it in utmost detail. Amongst many places they visited, Burj Khalifa and a trip to its 124th floor observatory deck and the panoramic view from there left them speechless. The Dubai aquarium, Jumeirah Mosque, Jumeirah Beach mesmerized them. The tour to the  renowned Deira Gold Souk and the Deira Spice Souk left them awestruck. They came back after a memorable trip with many memories and new zeal towards life. They got busy with their lives again.
Lavina had something running in her mind since some time. And the recent escapade from the mundane life helped her in this  thought process.  She was considered the best music teacher in the town, and so was her music class. Many felt themselves  fortunate to be trained under her while others who didn’t get a seat blamed their luck.
She now wanted to take the plunge, by starting her music school which could house many students willing to learn music. She discussed it with her parents, and her close friends. Everybody felt it is a great idea.
A premise was zeroed on in the central location. And inauguration was done to “IRA SCHOOL OF MUSIC.” She finalized this name IRA as it was the name of goddess Saraswati, and more importantly it was her dearest daughters name.
It was altogether a new and different experience for Lavina. Yet, she braced  the challenges with optimism, and worked with utmost diligence. The music school was thorough professional and organized. Many of her old students too joined hands with her in running the music school. It was developing beautifully. Slowly keyboard, violin, veena, mridangam, flute lessons started at Ira School of Music. In five, years it was class apart with excellent facilities and infrastructure. Many students won accolades at national and international levels, taking the flag higher for Ira School of Music. Now there was no looking back for Lavina. She even judged a famous reality show. Lavina had never imagined she would grow to this level. The growth trajectory was amazing. Her loved ones were proud of her, and many others envious too. Her parents wished her to remarry, but she never obliged it. She was happy with Ira and her life.
Ira completed her twelfth class and took up Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree. Lavina was a proud mother of such an adorable daughter, who was very meritorious as well as supported her mother in all her endeavors.
Ira always looked at high rise apartment buildings with amazement and Lavina always wanted to own a property like that which showed the beautiful view of the skyline and the landscape. And now she wanted to invest in one such housing societies. She checked with various builders, hopped from one apartment to other. And finally fell in love with a pent house in Gulmohar platinum.  Ira was on top of the world after she had a look of her new house. After a small house-warming ceremony, they moved in to their new pent house. Lavina by now, had earned a name for herself, she was a part of many music projects, and even did a lot of philanthropy. She provided free music training to music inclined poor students in her school. She even judged many competitions and shows. She was felicitated in different events and places. Ira completed her graduation and now pursuing her postgraduate studies. Many students from various other cities were keen on learning from Ira School of Music. So now, she is planning to open its branches in different cities. Blueprint of it is in process. And a new feather is awaiting to adorn her cap. And life  moves ahead for them with new suspense and surprise at every step.

Archana. Mulgund Chappar

A Beautiful Life Awaits you

It’s not the end, life awaits you,
As after every night, there is a day,
Beautiful sunshine awaits you.

As after every fall, you see a rise,
And after every misery, there is happiness,
Bountiful Blessings awaits you,

Life throws challenges, accept them,
After every war, peace prevails,
A victorious life awaits you.

For every lock, has a key,
And every problem has a solution,
Every life has a purpose.
A purposeful life awaits you.

Accept what has come
Drop a tear but don’t forget to,
Smile and spread the joy,
Laugh and spread the happiness,
Pray and spread the bliss,
Sing and spread the melody,
A magnificent life awaits you.

Faith will sail you through the storms,
And the calm will prevail,
Dark clouds pass and rainbow appears,
Fairies wave their magic wands,
Vanishing miseries, gloom and dejection,
Bringing back divinity, delight and serenity,
And The Awaited Beautiful life begins for you.

Kamalamma and her aromatic spice powder


anise aroma art bazaar
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Shailaja was a software engineer working with a reputed firm at Bengaluru. Hectic schedule kept her really busy. Managing home, office and super active kids was a herculean task. Yet she did it with ease. Thanks to the wonderful support system. Her husband was rock solid behind her, encouraging her and motivating her in all her endeavours. There was someone else too, KAMALAMMA her home help, who helped with dusting, laundry, groceries and even kids. Kamalamma was in her early forties with a son, daughter and husband. Her husbands income was limited. So she worked to make ends meet. She worked really hard, so that her kids could continue their education.
Kamalamma occasionally gave home made spice powder to Shailaja. She prepared varieties of them at home, for rasam, sambar, vegetable etc. And shailaja loved them to the core. A dash of this spice powder, when added enriched the taste and, the aroma left Shailajas neighbours, wondering and little envious too. She religiously praised Kamalamma for the spice powder. Kamalamma had picked the secret recipes from her mother, who was an excellent cook. Shailajas friends always went gaga over her lunch box, the flavour and the aroma in bold. Kamalamma always brimmed with pride whenever Shailaja praised her.
One weekend when Shailaja was lazing around and meddling wih her phone. An idea struck her. ” Why cant Kamalamma sell spice powders”. She gave it a thought. And it made perfect lsense to her.
Next day when Kamalamma came as usual Shailaja called her and made her sit, and showed her how people earn by selling homemade products.. On the other hand Kamalamma was wondering, why is she showing her all this. Adjusting her tone Shailaja said ” why dont you start selling spice powder, which you prepare with such perfection and authenticity”. It took Kamalamma bit of time to comprehend what Shailaja had said just now . She said ” but but … who will buy them”
Shailaja replied ” there are many online portals and mom groups were it can be sold”. Shailaja told her to think about it.
Back home Kamalamma discussed it with her graduate studying daughter. Who at once, thought it is an excellent idea. After few days Kamalamma okayed the idea to Shailaja but with sad face grumbled about, her lacking funds. Shailaja assured her help with the finance, and said she can repay later On a auspicious day, Kamalamma took baby steps, it was a humble beginning. Shailaja lent her generous support to Kamalamma. She introduced Kamalamma to her friends and acquaintances. She slowly started generating income. And her daughter helped her by selling on different online platforms. She quit working as house help and focussed on her flourishing business. Her business had picked up and was doing really well.

Kamalamma’s daughter has completed her MBA and working with a MNC. And her son has started a retail store selling Kamalamma’s spice powder. Now she has a wide clientale. Few of them even carry her spice powder to foreign land and are spreading the Indian Spice Aroma there too. Kamalamma remains indebted to Shailaja whose one thought changed the course of life.

TO MY BABY= A Mothers Note

TO MY BABY = A Mother’s Note

A mother I am, YES, A mother I am,
With you, A mother “ME” was born.

I was no expert, with you i learnt
I fumbled at times, with you i grew.

I cry with you, i laugh with you,
Once again living my childhood with you.

You are everything i could ask for,
My heart and soul resides in you.

I act hard and stubborn at times,
The intentions are only to bring the best in you.

Your enthusiasm and love,
Literally transcands me to another world.

Expectations, yes i have many from you.
Be a good Human first, then anything you choose will make me happy.

My wealth is your hugs, kisses and entwined hands,
No treasure can match this uncondtional love.

I daily dive deep into your love, and warmth.
Making millions of memories to live, when you fly from my nest to your own.

You are my joy and my pride
In this journey you will always find me by your side,
This is a promise i do with all stride.

Happy Mothers Day

Archana. Mulgund Chappar

Hey you! Hey you! I love you !

Hey you! Hey you!
I love you, I love you,
You are my strength and my joy,
Without you, i am null, oh boy! Oh boy!

The day i saw you with all might,
You brought happiness all bright,
You became my guiding light,
With us everythings, going to be alright! alright!

My days begin with your smile,
It keeps me energised through the mile,
Seeking your attention, is my style,
With you hand in hand, all the while ! , all the while!

Staying without you; is no fun,
It takes me on a teary run,
I swear this on the bun,
You are my, only one ! only one!.

Heavens call it made for eachother,
Together, we rock with great grandeur,
And the world calls us eighth wonder!, eighth wonder!.

Archana.Mulgund Chappar

Fell in love again

I fell in love the second time,
Those tweeny eyes, tiny feet, and tenderness,
The cuteness, took my heart in awe,
I wrapped him in my arms with gentleness.

My little girl, had filled my life with colours,
And God bestowed the happiness again,
Happy surely was I, sceptical too,
There was a whisper, will i fall in love again?

Things were going to change,
From three we were going to be four,
My only one was going to be elder one,
Excitememt was at peak, yet anxiety had it grip.

Finally, when the little wonder arrived,
He took everyone by stride,
Nervousness vanished and heart melted,
A new chapter started.

Cherishing memories


Siya never let Pratham have peaceful sleep..She was always upto something, either banging utensils, screaming lungs out or playing loud music. She tried all possible ways to disturb Pratham. On the other hand Pratham gave a damm to Siya. He loved his sleep very much.

This attitude of Pratham annoyed Siya. As he wasen’t giving enough of his time and attention to her. This kept Siya sulked.

Little Siya was not ready to believe that babies sleep for a longer time. Pratham was her three month old baby brother
Having no playmates in the neighbourhood. Siya always longed for a friend. And arrival of her brother, bridged the gap of a friend. She was over the moon. Siya always wanted to be around Prathan. And this made naughty Siya, put all efforts to keep him awake. As she wasen’t happy with the little time she got to play with him.

Now 25 years later, over a cup of coffee Siya and Pratham kept cherishing those memories.

Childhood memories are the best things to remember. Those numerous moments of silly fights, pranks, laughter and fun can be best done with siblings alone. And nothing can be ecstatic than sitting and going through the memory lane with siblings. And these memories are the fond things which can never be erased