Welcome 2021

From a normal start of 2020,
And just a few Corona glimpses,
Within weeks the scenario changed,
From shutting of schools, work from home, no maids..
Ufff ! Lockdown stepped in !!
A new secluded life,,,,,
A new way of life had begun,
Less of handshakes, more of namaskaras, The social distancing had set in!
Difficult it was,yet we breezed it off well…
With corona cases increasing, sanitisers, masks had become our new accompanists,
Kadhas, turmeric milk, and grandmas recipes started trending in,
Loss of jobs, misery of migrating workers, huge business losses, the gloomy saga continued,
Slowly, unlock process began,
Boosting the economy was on minds,
The new normal began,,,
Mushrooming online classes for anything and everything,
Zoom, google meet, MS teams, became the new lingos,
Online schooling, exams, assignments broke off the traditional schooling norms,
From distress to de-stress became the mantra,
Hope for a vaccine kept everybodys fingers crossed.
The Solar and lunar eclipses,
Rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn kept the astro enthusiasts glued to sky,
The news channels kept roaring day in and out,
The corona ball is still rolling,
Now a new mutated Corona has emerged from somewhere,
Certainly it feels sombre,
Yet optimistim craves in like always,
Now, on the end of 2020,
We set to welcome 2021,
With renewed hopes, dreams and aspirations,
While keeping in mind social distancing and all the safety norms.



Archana Kishan

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