A Beautiful Life Awaits you

It’s not the end, life awaits you,
As after every night, there is a day,
Beautiful sunshine awaits you.

As after every fall, you see a rise,
And after every misery, there is happiness,
Bountiful Blessings awaits you,

Life throws challenges, accept them,
After every war, peace prevails,
A victorious life awaits you.

For every lock, has a key,
And every problem has a solution,
Every life has a purpose.
A purposeful life awaits you.

Accept what has come
Drop a tear but don’t forget to,
Smile and spread the joy,
Laugh and spread the happiness,
Pray and spread the bliss,
Sing and spread the melody,
A magnificent life awaits you.

Faith will sail you through the storms,
And the calm will prevail,
Dark clouds pass and rainbow appears,
Fairies wave their magic wands,
Vanishing miseries, gloom and dejection,
Bringing back divinity, delight and serenity,
And The Awaited Beautiful life begins for you.

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