Mothers house indeed is heaven

I kept tossing and turning in the bed, I wasn’t getting a wink of sleep. I was all excited and elated. My thoughts ran faster than my imagination. I made numerous plans and to-do lists, though they seemed half-baked ideas, yet, I was happy making castles in the air.
After 5 long months, I will be visiting my moms house and going to stay there for a month. The next morning we were to drive 500 kilometers as my native was that far. Of course Kaustub my darling husband will be behind the wheel,

I woke up just before the alarm did its duty. Mind was filled with euphoria.
Finally, I will be meeting my parents, siblings and my pet. With my siblings I would do the much-needed gossiping, hang out aimlessly and binge watch our favorite Netflix series. Yes, surely shopping will be criteria and enjoying the local chaats too. I am going to curl up in my cozy bed and enjoy my green tea . Bonanza will be lip smacking delicacies prepared by my dearest mom. Let dieting go to bay I say. A long drive on my brothers Royal Enfield will surely be a royal experience. I and my mom would prepare pickle and pappad batches for the entire year. I ensure everybody relish on my bakes, cookies, waffles, cakes, muffins and an entire list.
Morning and evening walks with my pet Simba and practicing yoga with my father will bring back my childhood memories. It was 5.15 early morning, I was sitting in my own dream world

Kusu, Kusu, Kusum my husband broke my reverie.
“ Freshen up Kusu,” we have to start in another hour said Kaustub my hubby.
“Yes, Kaustub I would freshen up, and be back in a jiffy.”
After pranamas to my in laws I bid adieu to them.
And our Maruti Breeza winded up the highway for a long drive precisely towards my Mayka. OK now let me tune in to our favorite songs, and enjoy the pleasant morning drive with Kaustub, before he sulks with my hostile behavior and cancel my one-month vacation to my Mothers Place.

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