Kamalamma and her aromatic spice powder


anise aroma art bazaar
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Shailaja was a software engineer working with a reputed firm at Bengaluru. Hectic schedule kept her really busy. Managing home, office and super active kids was a herculean task. Yet she did it with ease. Thanks to the wonderful support system. Her husband was rock solid behind her, encouraging her and motivating her in all her endeavours. There was someone else too, KAMALAMMA her home help, who helped with dusting, laundry, groceries and even kids. Kamalamma was in her early forties with a son, daughter and husband. Her husbands income was limited. So she worked to make ends meet. She worked really hard, so that her kids could continue their education.
Kamalamma occasionally gave home made spice powder to Shailaja. She prepared varieties of them at home, for rasam, sambar, vegetable etc. And shailaja loved them to the core. A dash of this spice powder, when added enriched the taste and, the aroma left Shailajas neighbours, wondering and little envious too. She religiously praised Kamalamma for the spice powder. Kamalamma had picked the secret recipes from her mother, who was an excellent cook. Shailajas friends always went gaga over her lunch box, the flavour and the aroma in bold. Kamalamma always brimmed with pride whenever Shailaja praised her.
One weekend when Shailaja was lazing around and meddling wih her phone. An idea struck her. ” Why cant Kamalamma sell spice powders”. She gave it a thought. And it made perfect lsense to her.
Next day when Kamalamma came as usual Shailaja called her and made her sit, and showed her how people earn by selling homemade products.. On the other hand Kamalamma was wondering, why is she showing her all this. Adjusting her tone Shailaja said ” why dont you start selling spice powder, which you prepare with such perfection and authenticity”. It took Kamalamma bit of time to comprehend what Shailaja had said just now . She said ” but but … who will buy them”
Shailaja replied ” there are many online portals and mom groups were it can be sold”. Shailaja told her to think about it.
Back home Kamalamma discussed it with her graduate studying daughter. Who at once, thought it is an excellent idea. After few days Kamalamma okayed the idea to Shailaja but with sad face grumbled about, her lacking funds. Shailaja assured her help with the finance, and said she can repay later On a auspicious day, Kamalamma took baby steps, it was a humble beginning. Shailaja lent her generous support to Kamalamma. She introduced Kamalamma to her friends and acquaintances. She slowly started generating income. And her daughter helped her by selling on different online platforms. She quit working as house help and focussed on her flourishing business. Her business had picked up and was doing really well.

Kamalamma’s daughter has completed her MBA and working with a MNC. And her son has started a retail store selling Kamalamma’s spice powder. Now she has a wide clientale. Few of them even carry her spice powder to foreign land and are spreading the Indian Spice Aroma there too. Kamalamma remains indebted to Shailaja whose one thought changed the course of life.

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