TO MY BABY= A Mothers Note

TO MY BABY = A Mother’s Note

A mother I am, YES, A mother I am,
With you, A mother “ME” was born.

I was no expert, with you i learnt
I fumbled at times, with you i grew.

I cry with you, i laugh with you,
Once again living my childhood with you.

You are everything i could ask for,
My heart and soul resides in you.

I act hard and stubborn at times,
The intentions are only to bring the best in you.

Your enthusiasm and love,
Literally transcands me to another world.

Expectations, yes i have many from you.
Be a good Human first, then anything you choose will make me happy.

My wealth is your hugs, kisses and entwined hands,
No treasure can match this uncondtional love.

I daily dive deep into your love, and warmth.
Making millions of memories to live, when you fly from my nest to your own.

You are my joy and my pride
In this journey you will always find me by your side,
This is a promise i do with all stride.

Happy Mothers Day

Archana. Mulgund Chappar

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