Cherishing memories


Siya never let Pratham have peaceful sleep..She was always upto something, either banging utensils, screaming lungs out or playing loud music. She tried all possible ways to disturb Pratham. On the other hand Pratham gave a damm to Siya. He loved his sleep very much.

This attitude of Pratham annoyed Siya. As he wasen’t giving enough of his time and attention to her. This kept Siya sulked.

Little Siya was not ready to believe that babies sleep for a longer time. Pratham was her three month old baby brother
Having no playmates in the neighbourhood. Siya always longed for a friend. And arrival of her brother, bridged the gap of a friend. She was over the moon. Siya always wanted to be around Prathan. And this made naughty Siya, put all efforts to keep him awake. As she wasen’t happy with the little time she got to play with him.

Now 25 years later, over a cup of coffee Siya and Pratham kept cherishing those memories.

Childhood memories are the best things to remember. Those numerous moments of silly fights, pranks, laughter and fun can be best done with siblings alone. And nothing can be ecstatic than sitting and going through the memory lane with siblings. And these memories are the fond things which can never be erased


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