Salutations to Creators and Nurturers

From shining in every field and breaking the glass ceiling, Women today are doing everything to shut the mouths of critics, who drew the lines between a man and women. Lots of things have been written and said about women. Today, we find a sea change in the attitudes and perceptions of people towards women. Things have changed, are changing, and will change too. Amidst all these changes, the stigma still prevails and it’s not very easy to wipe out from the society.

Today’s women have been conferred with the prestigious prefix “SUPER”. They are aptly called “SUPER WOMEN”. They jiggle between household chores to office files, manage groceries, meetings, kids, in laws, presentations…… and list continues. They wear different caps and manage different roles efficiently. Not forgetting to mention here, they go through tremendous stress during multitasking, as the world is always judging them and they are expected to be perfect all the time.

These days having a girl child is not considered as a burden. They receive equal education and privileges as compared to their male counter parts.

Women, today have created a niche for themselves. They are in every field, independent and work shoulder to shoulder with men. Nonetheless a loud cheer and rounds of applause is needed for men, who motivate and support women in all arenas of life. Men these days are broad minded and open. Having a supportive spouse, Father, Brother, Son and Friend is blessing beyond words.

Amidst all the glory, the flipside is, still we witness dowry deaths, domestic violence, female feticide. We come across discrimination, and crimes against women are on rise. Many a time’s things go unheard as women suffer silently.

Today there are so many women who have achieved greater heights and their names written in gold. Being woman is a blessing in itself. Trying to prove equal to men, women must not forget the special qualities which god has bestowed i.e tender heart, selfless love, care, concern and compassion.

Our holy scriptures say

“Yatra naryastu pujate; tatra ramante deva” Meaning where women are respected, there god resides.

Woman must always be respected. As they are the creators and nurturers. Creation of magnum opus is not required for a woman to be called successful, Every woman is a achiever in herself. Love her, Respect her, and make her feel special. And Women’s day is the best day to show the gesture of appreciation. Let’s salute the spirit of women who brighten every house with their smile and tackle all problems with their wisdom.

Happy Women’s Day

Celebrate womanhood, celebrate life.

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