The count down has begun


Days, Weeks, Months ………………… 2017, passed off with a wink and a blink. And from the chink of 2017, 2018 is emerging. We are all heading towards a New Dawn of a New Year.

And the stages are all set, to welcome the New Year with utmost merry, pomp and joy. With this the resolution stories keep slowly surfacing. To suffice this Welcome, Hotels are bragging themselves, with their attractive and unique New Year bash night, trying to collectively pull the young and old towards them.

There is a different Euphoria in the air. A feeling of celebration, a ray of hope and optimism filling our souls. It is another chance for the friends and families, to get together relish and cherish their memories. It’s a complete gala time.

I still remember, as a child making a list full of resolutions and later ending up forgetting them. But, it’s always a good idea to make few simple and reachable resolutions for ourselves and try acting upon them. As the year comes to an end, it’s also a perfect time to introspect ourselves and make some healthy changes. We need to count on our blessings and stay happy in present and work hard for the accomplishments of future goals.

“Better late than never” aptly goes right at this point of time.

Now is the time to act upon. Merely setting high sounding resolutions is not the order of the day. But implementing them does.

Try to kill at least one bad habit, and nurture a good habit. Try reducing screen time; instead spend quality time with your family. Pack your bags, explore new places. Get some exercise and eat healthy. Stop comparing yourselves with others. Always try staying happy, no matter what.  Don’t take life too seriously, it’s Okay to be silly at times and have fun.

After all it’s a short life and we need to enjoy every bit of it.

Let the celebrations begin.


Archana Mulgund Chappar






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